6a00d834548ef269e200e54f663c478833-800wiNick was born in 1976 in Malawi, where he spent the first two years of his life, before moving to the Sussex coast where he grew up with his mother, his two brothers and his sister. From state school and sixth-form he went to Cambridge in 1994, where he studied History, football, and beer. For the History, he was awarded a starred Double First. He fell in love with Jane at Cambridge and she remained his soulmate for the rest of his life.

Nick went on to gain an MSc in the History of Medicine from London University and was offered funding for a PhD. He chose instead to train as a lawyer and scored the best exam marks in the country in his year. While still training, he provided free legal advice at a London law centre and was a key player in a team that successfully appealed against a death sentence handed down in Jamaica.

When he qualified, Nick took a sabbatical to work with death row prisoners, in his own words, “face to face”. He had travelled around Malawi and neighbouring countries after graduating from Cambridge and of the many places in the world he ever visited, he enjoyed this warm heart of Africa the most. So, he went back to the land of his birth to work for the Legal Aid Department, visiting prisoners and preparing statements for their appeals.

He was nearing the end of this sabbatical when a car he was travelling in crashed into a bridge. He died of his injuries in October 2004. He was returned to England and his ashes are buried in a beautiful village churchyard in Sussex.

Nick’s family and the many friends he made at school, university, work and in Malawi all know that he was an exceptional young man. His brilliant mind and his passion for decency and fairness were combined with a self-deprecating humour and a delight in friendship and fun. We are all privileged to have known and learnt from him. Had he lived longer, he would have done much more good in the world. Our aim is to do some of that good in his name.


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