How we work

The Trust is run by a board of six trustees, supported by a committee of advisers drawn from the UK and Malawi, whose expertise we call upon when necessary.

We pay for all administration costs and travel expenses ourselves, ensuring that every penny you donate to the Trust goes directly to help people in Malawi.

We have no religious or political affiliation or agenda. We will partner with organisations that meet our Policy on partner organisations. We will not partner with organisations that offer services to only portions of the local population on grounds other than relative disadvantage or that are contrary to the objectives of the trust.

All our projects are drawn from the community themselves, and must include local participation. All applicants are asked to show how they fit with the Malawi Government’s development strategy, and must show how the project will be sustainable. Our Project proposal guidelines show what we are looking for in the applications we receive, and how we assess proposed projects. If you would like to propose a project please read our guidelines before applying. If your project is connected with education, please also read our Policy on education projects.

Applications for funding are considered at twice-yearly meetings of all the trustees, and all applications receive a response.

How we deal with and prevent fraud is outlined in our fraud policy.

The Trust ethos regarding spending, donations, events, transparency and probity are spelt out in our Ethos document.

Our privacy, data protection and safeguarding policies draw on common best practice for small charities engaged in this work.

For more information about how we work please see our annual reports and Trust deed.

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