More help for the schoolgirls of Kochilira

Pauline was pleased to visit the newly completed girls’ hostel funded by Nick Webber Trust in Kochilira village. We were asked to fund this basic hostel for the young women who have done well enough to win a coveted place at secondary school but cannot afford the boarding fees. Until now they have been renting in the village but this has often proved unsafe, so we were pleased to be able to respond to requests from local community leaders for a safe and affordable alternative. Solar-powered, with basic but adequate cooking and bathroom facilities, the hostel is proving to be one more way to help the girls stay in school and stay safe. Thanks to all our supporters who have made it possible.

Stay at the girls hostel in Kochilira
Inside the bedroom
Cooking at the girls hostel in Kochilira
Cooking at Kochilira hostel

Buy a desk for Kochilira Primary School this Christmas

This year, give the gift of a seat and desk for one child in Standard Seven at Kochilira Primary School in Malawi, through the Nick Webber Trust.

As well as creating a more conducive environment for learning for everyone, desks play a vital role in helping girls to continue attending school once they reach puberty. Standard Seven is the penultimate year of primary school and many girls in this year have reached puberty. Providing desks for this class will help these girls to complete primary school and have a chance of secondary education.

New desks

You can donate via and mention ‘desks’ in your message or directly into our bank account with the reference ‘desks’ and we’ll make sure it gets turned into wood.

Last year, with the help of people like you through this scheme, the Nick Webber Trust provided enough desks for everybody in Standard Eight at this school.

Download a Desk gift certificate to put under the tree/in the card.

More good news from Kochilira


A huge THANK YOU to all you generous people who responded to our ‘buy a desk for Christmas’ campaign. We raised enough to equip the top class of Kochilira Primary with desks for everyone. As you can see, Headteacher Hestings, with his Deputy, the chairman and secretary of the School Committee, are very pleased with the result.

Now we are beginning the construction of the Girls’ hostel at nearby Tidzuke Orphan Care, that we wrote to you about in March. This hostel will help those girls who win a place at the local secondary school but cannot afford the boarding fees. It will give them more safety and privacy, and will enable them to use the library in the Orphan Care Centre (built by NWT) so that homework could be done with electric light. Sufficient funds to make a start have been transferred, and of course the local community have already moulded the bricks. It would be great if we could have the building ready for the start of the next school year in September.

To help make this possible, please support our Annual Garden Party on June 15th.
As usual, it will be held at 1 Apple Tree Walk, Clymping, BN17 5QN.
Drop in any time from 2pm and enjoy tea and cakes, a chance to win the famous Malawi Gin in our raffle, the Bring and Buy stall and have a flutter on the tombola.
Plus, of course, an update on all our projects in Malawi.
Free pick ups are available from Ford station on request.

The women and girls of Tidzuke Orphan Care


We wanted to tell you about some of the work happening at Tidzuke Orphan Care, the large multi-purpose centre we built a few years ago in a rural area of Malawi. Work that just goes on quietly, week after week, with no fanfare, but which we believe is making a real difference to many lives.

On two evenings a week and at the weekends, the centre hosts a “girls club”, aimed at building self-esteem and helping girls to see that their future might hold more than early marriage and child-bearing. Among other initiatives, they run a girls’ football team, which we think Nick would thoroughly approve of! Recently it was possible to gather five teams for an all-girls tournament, in which “our” team came off victorious, which caused much celebration.

When Pauline visited recently, the hall was alive with the sounds of a large group of young women practising a song and dance of their own composition about “resisting” (their word) early marriage, which they planned to present to some expected visitors.

Currently we are fundraising to build a basic hostel for those girls who have done well enough to win a place at the local secondary school (itself largely constructed by the Nick Webber Trust), but cannot afford the boarding fees. Only about 20% of students win such a place so it is too precious to waste. Many girls do what is called ‘self-boarding’, which means they rent somewhere to sleep in the local villages. Sadly this is very often unsafe, and certainly not conducive to successful studies. A simple hostel, for which they could pay the same very low rent of about £5 a term, would give them safety and privacy, and it will also pay for someone to open the library we have included in the centre so that homework could be done with electric light. The local chiefs and councillors have come together to request this building from us – it will cost around £12,000. Our aim is to be able to start work on it in time for the next school year. Your support is already helping us towards that, but if you’d like to support this particular project further, you can donate via our Justgiving page and mark it ‘hostel’.

There are many other exciting developments within that centre and elsewhere. To catch up with them all, come along to our annual Garden Party on June 15th!

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support, without which none of this would be happening.

Help us buy desks this Christmas

unnamedWe are currently fundraising to be able to buy desks for the top three years at Kochilira primary school, for whom we built two classrooms over the summer. Desks and chairs play a vital role in enabling girls to continue attending school once they reach puberty. Each chair and desk costs £20 per seat. If you would like to help with this, please transfer £20 to our bank account (or send Pauline a cheque) and label it ‘desks’. It would be fantastic to be able to buy as many desks as they need in the New Year.