Life changing Christmas present

For most girls and young women in Malawi managing their periods is difficult as very few have any sanitary products or pants. Most simply don’t go to school during their period – which means that they miss up to a quarter of their education after they hit adolescence. 
This Christmas we are giving you the opportunity to change that for the girls and young women whose education NWT support. Your gift of £12 will enable us to provide each female school student 5 reusable sanitary pads, 4 bars of soap, a tub to wash them in, a sealable bag to store them in, and 2 pairs of underwear.

You can donate via or directly into our bank account with the reference ‘Christmas’.

Download your choice of Life changing present gift certificate or Bloody good present gift certificate to put under the tree/in the card.

If we receive enough donations to help more young women than those whose education we support, we will offer them to other young women who attend school through our existing projects and relationships.

Young women at a project we support. It is young women like these who will benefit from our campaign

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