COVID-19 and Malawi Update

In Malawi, the schools have now re-opened  just for the exam classes. The Primary Leaving and MSCE exams which should have been in June will now take place in October, so that progression to the next stage for the fortunate few can still happen.

All other classes will return at the beginning of October. The pupils all require face masks and hand gel,  which we have offered to fund for the children and young people whose education we fund through Tikondane. Tikondane have done a wonderful job in preparing the “street children” for the return as best they can and we are proud to be supporting them.

In the country as a whole the virus has not, so far, done as much damage as feared, with just under 200 deaths so far.

Christmas cards on sale – order today

This year, more than most, it is going to be important to send greetings cards to all those friends and family that we haven’t been able to meet up with as much as we normally would. As it happens we have the perfect greetings card available for you to order right now, and tick that off your to-do list!

The design above, which we have captioned “Room at the Inn”, features the contribution made by our new hostel to providing opportunity for girls and young women to continue their education. The inside of the card is pictured below. 

Still available at only £4 for ten cards, with envelopes, and with free delivery as a thank you for your support. The cards are also available without the Christmas greeting, a handy stocking filler gift or for writing “Thank You”s or quick notes.
To order, just email Pauline at or telephone her on 07906243191, making clear if you would like the Christmas greeting or not. To pay, please if you can make a direct transfer to our bank account (Sort code:089299 – Acc No: 65156711) with the reference ‘Cards’. If you are not able to direct transfer, a cheque will be very acceptable.