More help for the schoolgirls of Kochilira

Pauline was pleased to visit the newly completed girls’ hostel funded by Nick Webber Trust in Kochilira village. We were asked to fund this basic hostel for the young women who have done well enough to win a coveted place at secondary school but cannot afford the boarding fees. Until now they have been renting in the village but this has often proved unsafe, so we were pleased to be able to respond to requests from local community leaders for a safe and affordable alternative. Solar-powered, with basic but adequate cooking and bathroom facilities, the hostel is proving to be one more way to help the girls stay in school and stay safe. Thanks to all our supporters who have made it possible.

Stay at the girls hostel in Kochilira
Inside the bedroom
Cooking at the girls hostel in Kochilira
Cooking at Kochilira hostel