Buy a desk for Kochilira Primary School this Christmas

This year, give the gift of a seat and desk for one child in Standard Seven at Kochilira Primary School in Malawi, through the Nick Webber Trust.

As well as creating a more conducive environment for learning for everyone, desks play a vital role in helping girls to continue attending school once they reach puberty. Standard Seven is the penultimate year of primary school and many girls in this year have reached puberty. Providing desks for this class will help these girls to complete primary school and have a chance of secondary education.

New desks

You can donate via and mention ‘desks’ in your message or directly into our bank account with the reference ‘desks’ and we’ll make sure it gets turned into wood.

Last year, with the help of people like you through this scheme, the Nick Webber Trust provided enough desks for everybody in Standard Eight at this school.

Download a Desk gift certificate to put under the tree/in the card.