Meet Elijah


This is Elijah, who has just graduated with First Class Degree in Computer Engineering in Malawi. Elijah finished top of his class and second among all the graduates in all disciplines. The Nick Webber Trust has supported Elijah through our partnership with Tikondane Centre for street children, through his primary and secondary schooling and now through five years of undergraduate study, so we are feeling really very proud of him! He is a wonderful role model to younger children, often returning to the Centre to help in practical ways and to offer advice and encouragement. We wish you the best of luck in your future career, Elijah.

Since 2007, Nick Webber Trust has funded places at state boarding schools for children like Elijah, who have been living on the streets and have been assessed by Tikondane Centre as being unable to return to their village or at serious risk of harm in their own communities. Thanks you your support, we will fund at least 26 students in school or tertiary education in the coming academic year.