Thank you to Jon Webber for his service as a trustee

The Nick Webber Trust would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jon Webber for all the work he has contributed to our charity over the past thirteen years. Jon was one of our founding trustees.

He set up our highly successful secondary school bursaries scheme, operated in partnership with Temwa, and has been running it since 2007. During that time, Jon organised our first school block building project and our teacher training pilot scheme, both in partnership with Temwa, along with our sponsorship of the award-winning AIDS-awareness film Mawa Langa.

Before that, he organised our project to equip and stock a law library in the Legal Aid Centre in Lilongwe, which Bill Clinton praised in his book Giving. Jon also set up the original legal and financial structures of the trust and has been running our website for the past ten years.

Jon has now stood down as a trustee of the Nick Webber Trust in order to concentrate on other work.

Thanks for everything, Jon. And all the very best for whatever you do next.